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iON Leadership Consulting

Additional Associations in:

  • Jeffereson, La Crosse, and Woodland Lakes Boards-WI
  • Aberdeen, Central, East Central, Lewis and Clark, Mitchell, and North East Boards-SD
  • Badlands, Jamestown and Minot Boards-ND
  • Central, Clear Lake, Heart, Mid, North Central, and South East Boards-IA
  • Several others

Licensed in ND and MN to practice real estate.

Member National, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Fargo-Moorhead Area Association of REALTORS

Don't Take Our Word for it...

"My people were inspired and energized, almost like a sleeping giant has been awakened inside of them. We’ve become a team working together like never before. Thank you!"

Jon S., PE Ulteig Engineers, Inc. [Ulteig Engineers, Inc. is a Top 500 Engineering Company in the US]

"Thank you again, everyone loved you. Your energy and passion helped deliver a great message. We’ll definitely have you back!"

Kelly G. Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. [Prudential Real Estate has more than 60,000 affiliate members with more than $60B in annual sales]

"I can honestly say that the turning point for my business was when you came and did training for my group.  Thank you!"

David R. Strategic Planning Group, Inc. [Founder,

President, Author, and creator The Relaxing Transition

to Retirement Program]

"Great from the start, TREMENDOUS! Better than good, an absolute home run. I'm already thinking about our 2nd annual, and it's KEY that he be a part of it. I recommend him most highly."

Kevin T. [Owner]

Home Towne Real Estate

"His leadership and vision helped us come away with a meaningful and executable plan.   I strongly would recommend Daryl to help with your strategic planning or leadership training needs."

Jill B. [CEO]

North Dakota Association of REALTORS

"Working with Daryl over the past three years has been one of the best experiences ever. He has been able to help us break down the right steps to move our Forward, giving each person an understanding of what it means to have a strategic plan in place and to be able to work it each year.  His energetic, enthusiastic personality made it fun and helped us all learn more about one another.  He also showed us how to utilize our volunteers to their highest potential to ensure that everyone is working together for the same goal.  I highly recommend him to help with any organization’s strategic plan - you won’t be disappointed."

Sheree H.[CEO]
Blue Ridge Association of REALTORS

"Just so you know, you did an awesome job on our two-day event.  It was extra special you did it (your hometown board) and the "hallway" talk is all about how much we are learning and the excitement you created.  Thank you!"

Todd A. [Past President]
Fargo-Moorhead Association of REALTORS

"Thank you for leading us in a highly energized, focused and meaningful retreat.  I was delighted with your planning, your leadership, your excitement, and your energy and the fact that you actually had a meaningful plan!  I love having a plan with a dynamic, focused leader helping us discover your plan ourselves!

You not only accomplished the goal of helping us comply with NAR, but you accomplished the goal of energizing an old dog like myself into increasing my RPAC investment 10 fold over last year.  I feel that I AM ICAAR.  I AM RESPONSIBLE.  I NEED TO LEAD AND WALK THE TALK.  I am fricking on fire and an already having a great 2015! Thank you!!!"

Jeff E.[Past President]
Iowa City Area Association of REALTORS

"When I met Daryl, it took about 45 seconds to decide that he would be a great choice. I can honestly say that he exceeded my expectations. While previous leadership retreats had been less than engaging and fulfilling, Daryl brought incredible energy and passion to the discussions, but he also did a great job of keeping us on task and achieving the goals we set forth. I would HIGHLY recommend Daryl to any organization looking for an outstanding meeting facilitator and/or leadership trainer."

Shaner M.[President]
Iowa City Area Association of REALTORS



Exactly what we needed...

Absolutely the best strategic planning event I have been to in over 20 years...

The most entertaining and successful day I've ever had...

When can we have you back...

Why did it take us so long to find you...

No question best I've ever attended...

Hit the bullseye, 100% dead on...

Perfect, thank you, thank you, thank you...

I don't know what I was expecting, but this was way better than that! Thank you!

Blown away, totally.  Fantastic!

You were right, not only not boring, but I have pages of stuff I can use in my life and my business, how can I ever thank you!

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