• Over 15 years of strategic planning experience across a wide array of business specialties
  • Award winning KOLBE Certified Coach, specializing in TEAM productivity, providing tools at the base of communication
  • A tried, tested and proven Unique and trademarked 7 step process to go from wish list to "done" list
  • We come to you, and focus on your needs, and have a proven record of getting results

Unlimited Opportunity for business growth, exponential growth in your bottom line, and creating your strategic planning services.

Recognizing your 10X future is what we do.  Most clients think this means 10X more work, or 10X more headaches.  It's exactly the opposite; doing 10X more what you love with 10X less stress.  Believe it, it can and DOES happen, let us show you how!



iON Leadership Consulting

Choosing your services

If there is one thing we know for certain, no two business are the same, therefore each client needs services customized to them.  With over 25 years of experience, we show you how this can work to your benefit!



iON Leadership Consulting, creating exponential growth opportunities!

At iON Leadership Consulting, we are committed to you and all your business, financial, and communication needs focusing our efforts for your exponential growth through serious strategic planning.

For almost 25 years, we have been building leaders to build better teams to build better futures.  Our goals are to help you see these same results.   

  • Understanding the six degrees of communications and how they can help or hurt your future plans
  • Recognizing typical team dysfunctions whether family, work, spouse, or simply assistants, and how to deal with the hurdles
  • Implementing the obsessive traits of some of the worlds most successful leaders to define and achieve your ideal future
  • Real feedback, with real objectives
  • Creation of readable business and strategic plans with clean and understandable objectives
  • Reduced stress, increased time on what you love to do, and more time doing what you love to do
  • A new focus on your most precious commodity--Time--and how to better spend it

Licensed in ND and MN to practice real estate.

Member National, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Fargo-Moorhead Area Association of REALTORS

One call CAN create a new future!    701-306-7185

Helping Clients and teams in:
ND, SD, IA, MN, WI, VA, MD, GA, TX, IN, MI, CA, NY, NJ, PA, MA, CT, DC, DE and more.