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iON Leadership Consulting

A Sample Client GamePlan

No two plans are the same, and each client receives a customized approach to their business needs

Stage 1:  The Discovery Checkup
Our first opportunity to discuss the overall state of your business, as it is currently and how you see it ideally.

Stage 2:  The Opportunities Snapshot
Here, we analyze and identify those elements of your current situation to determine opportunities for improvements through your direct and indirect actions.  

Stage 3:  The Clarification Experience
Exactly what this says, we get to clarify together where you are, and where you should be heading.

Stage 4:  The Improvement Solution
Now that we've discovered where you are, now we develop a plan to get you where you want to be. Bridging the gap is the fun part!

Stage 5:  The Energizer Program
The Energizer Program is not designed to give the specific details of the day-to-day operations of your business; rather, it is to define what needs to be done in order to improve both you as a leader and the business overall. 

Stage 6:  The Efficiency Review
At the completion of the first calendar quarter of Gameplan implementation, we will meet to review the status of the program.

Stage 7:  The Quarterly Analysis
It has been proven by various business strategists that a review of any plan must be done at a minimum of every 90-days in order to most effectively create change.  


No client or business is the same,

and that's your opportunity...

This is why we don't provide boiler plate services.  We customize what we do for your needs, not ours. Whether a business of one or thousands, or an Association with 25 or 25,000, we work with you to help you discover your future. 

It's our job to create the road map to get you there.

Helping sales agents, brokers, owners, entreprenuers and Associations throughout the US and Canada. Let us start the process to help you too!