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  1. Determine your needs, from starting to updating and simply renewing what's in place
  2. Talk with us, or with another Association that's discovering their needs too, so you can understand what is needed
  3. Determine a budget, and include facilities, travel, food, hotels, facilitators fees, and implementation costs if any of the plan.  If you are unsure, talk with us.
  4. Lockdown a timeframe for your leadership team and your facilitator.  IN this phase, determine if you need one day or more to be successful
  5. Start digging.  Look through your materials and see what you've done in the past.  It won't guide you for your future, but the lessons learned will help.
  6. Host the planning event, and make sure the team understands this is mandatory
  7. Work with your facilitator to develop the final plan
  8. Submit to NAR for Grant Approval (details are not final and we will update this when NAR finalizes)
  9. Execute on the plan in your current year or for several years into the future
  10. Finally, renew it annually.  Have the leadership team work every year to make sure what you are doing either continues on the business planning of the year prior or is directly tied to the overall strategy you have developed.  Don't let the plan collect dust!

Experienced or Novice, We Can Help:

How Long Does it Take?

Again, this is specific to the size of your board, the size of your leadership team, and the scope of our services.  Typically this can be done in one, one and a half, or two-day sessions.

iON Leadership Consulting

We have spent almost 3 decades involved in training, coaching, leading, mentoring and building companies.  This involves a great deal of strategic and business planning and execution.   The experience and success gained through those years is now being directed fully to help others.  The Association is our passion, and helping build for a bigger future is what we do, period.

Some Common Questions

Why You, or Why Us?
iON Leadership Consulting

NAR Core Standards FAQ's

This is updated regularly, please go here for all the latest information and assistance.

Our biggest questions have been how much does this cost, and when can you do it.  Every Association is unique, and we will work with you directly to develop a plan that fits you financially.

What's Next?:

  • Whether you are business or an Association of 50 or less, or of 10,000 or more, developing a plan is crucial to your overall success
  • We are trained, skilled and experienced to help you take your ideas and make them a reality.  We help you develop a plan AND execute it
  • We work hard to ensure this is not a complicated process, but an exciting and motivational one driving for the future

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How Much of The Work do You Do?

We can simply facilitate the discussion for you and guide you through the process, or we can provide an outline for you to "tweak" and finish up for submission and approval by NAR.  This depends on your experience and what level of services you are looking for.